Adams family

Schlitz beer

Lady Bug Flashlight box and original batteries

Flying Bomb Battery

Eveready Cat Battery

Yale Battery

French Flasher Battery

Eveready Head Light with Box

Chestlite with straps

Flash Aid



Big Beam 166

Eveready 59

Eveready 459

Eveready with Flasher in rear 154?

Eveready Nickeled Box Lantern

Ray O Vac LM6


Niagara Junior Guide

Aurora Flashlight iter

Rayovac AAA

Rayovac Traffic

Unknown Double Red (Anyone know what this is ?)
Has been identified by Ken Harn
It can be found on page#233 of the book Doughtboy To GI by Kenneth Lewis and is listed as a "Lamp Assembly for Aerial Delivery. The description is as follows: Double-ended lamp with clear caps at each end, the small weighted pouch being used to hold messages. Behind the pouch was a brightly colored streamer to indicate it's descent when dropped from an aircraft in daylight. Slightly larger, double-ended lamps with colored lenses were used also, these being attached to bundles when dropping from aircraft. Different colored lenses can be found such as red, orange and blue, the colors indicating the contents of the containers or bundles.

Usalite Swivel Head

3 Justrite

Spearpoint Utility

Auto light with box 1948

Auto plug in spot light

Mopar 6 Volt Auto Spot Light

Frye 6 Volt Auto Spot Light

Mopar Auto plug light

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