Rayovac Flashlight History

1906 – The French Battery Company is founded in Madison , Wisconsin .
1930's - The French Battery Company is renamed the Rayovac Company.
1933 - Rayovac patented the first wearable vacuum tube hearing aid.
1937 - Rayovac patents the first portable radio with high-fidelity reception.
1939 - The first leak-proof “sealed in steel” dry cell battery is introduced by Rayovac.
1949 – Rayovac introduces the crown cell alkaline for hearing aids and launches the famous steel Sportsman flashlight.
1971 - Rayovac is awarded the patent for silver oxide button cells.
1972 - The first heavy-duty all zinc chloride battery with double the life of general purpose batteries is introduced.
1984 - Rayovac introduced the Workhorse premium flashlight with its lifetime warranty
1988 - Rayovac introduces a new computer clock battery to power the real-time clocks of personal computers.
1990 - The Heavy Duty and Industrial product lines are introduced by Rayovac.
1992 - A new Workhorse Fluorescent Lantern is introduced by Rayovac to provide the consumer more light features.
1993 - Rayovac introduces Renewal, a reusable, long-life alkaline battery.
1995 - Constructed of durable polypropylene, the 2AA flashlight joins the Rayovac Workhorse flashlight family.
1995 - Basketball superstar Michael Jordan becomes the spokesperson for Renewable Reusable Alkaline Batteries and Power Station chargers. 1996 - Rayovac introduces a new “hands-free” flashlight called the swivel light.

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